maria > harry


             He’s not expecting it. Anticipation having been eroded by the slow burn of time in these last few days, concern over multiple pressing projects and numerous disappearances having blended together into a general haze of anxious urgency. A dozen things on his mind, moving cogs and burning charges needing to be oiled, doused. So that when the number flashes through on his phone, after that split second it takes for his memory to stir and realization to set in–   he thinks his chest stills, even for a moment.

                His mind washes blank as he lifts his phone to his ear, setting down his helmet on the seat of his Kawasaki and resting his palm against the leather; a means of support as he slides his thumb across the screen of his OsBerry to answer the call. 


                            Harry doesn’t know where to begin.

                                           So he begins naturally.

                “Ahh, well… You know me. Nothing but the best for my spectacular loyal customers.”

                                                   There’s a smile edging into his tone, the slow slide into a gentle comfort at this shock (was it a shock? He’d been expecting something like this, maybe. Even just slightly.) gradually taking effect. He crosses one leg over the other at his ankles, an increasingly relaxed stance.

                                            “You are very welcome, Director Hill. You’re even more welcome back to the land of the living. Or, the land of the Present-In-Action  I guess…  ‘PIA’? If that’s not a thing already, I’m making it a thing now alright.”


               Something of a laugh- she can afford it. Maria turns her head, watching the side street before she steps onto the asphalt, pulling her coat a bit tighter around her neck with one hand. Tucking the smile into her shoulder, she makes her qay quickly across the street.

                                          “We’ve really got to get you on a punch card system.” Irony, she knows. She assumes he’s just been keeping a tab, but thus far she’s never seen a bill from Oscorp.

                                  “Present-In-Action I’ll take, never really was dead.” Ducking her chin, the smile she harbors is fond- he’d come looking for her in the aftermath and the gesture was sweet. “I appreciate it, Harry.” Her words hum against the speaker, an inhale sucks in a breath of the dry chill. “Really.”

                                                 And then there’s the unspoken. Maria purses her lips. 

       “Heard you came by. Just after the carrier went down.” 


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