The lazy drag of the question tells Darcy that Maria isn’t just getting here. It makes her lips tick upwards in a quick smile – had she gone through what the other woman has in the past few weeks, she’d be drowning herself in alcohol. She picks absently at the stripe of dried blue paint around her nail beds as she answers.

               “Definitely not an op. More like a business meeting.

                                             –What brings you here? The whiskey isn’t that great – I know, I’ve tried it.”

                  Don’t be fooled, the Director is far from being incapacitated by the two fingers of alcohol she’s allowed herself this evening. If there’s an unspun quality to her words, diverting from her normal, business-like clip, it’s only because she’s ( for the moment, pretending that she’s ) off duty. Taking a night off is almost never a certain thing, but if she’s going to make a play at it she may as well take her drinks early ( give them enough time to burn off before the inevitable goes down ).

Convenience. For the most part,” Hill answers, lifting a brow skeptically when fronted with an answer that seems.. interesting. 

              “Business meetings at this time of night, in this sort of place never fail to get my attention.” Though she won’t investigate further if she doesn’t have to, instead pursing her lips at the mouth of her glass, the swirl of whiskey emanating a sharp scent that speaks to its quality ( Lewis is right- it’s well below great ).


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