[the fact that he’d been patched through still surprises him, the reaction heightened moreso as there’s the familiar utterance of steely syllables. The kind that are able to goad the hairs upon his neck to prickle, the vaguest of smirks ghosting over his lips – Hill’s words are met with a grateful albeit heated huff, eyes rolling upwards as a overly falsified bravado instinctively takes over. One which is implicit in the little game in which the two of them often shared]

          Please. Knew it was too good to be true. Wouldn’t put it past you to take the opportunity of a tragedy for a bit of R&R.

[She pushes the heel of her hand against the scrawl of her brow, holding the phone away from her mouth when she exhales. Leave it to Stark to start tugging at her nerves with the first few syllables. Still– there’s a twitch at the corner of her mouth, vaguely pleased that there’s a person out there that refuses to treat her as though she’s something fragile. Fingertips run along the lines of her frown, meeting in the center of her eyebrows, head still ducked over the desk’s surface. ]

         Too good to be true? Sorry to burst your bubble. And before you get all high and mighty, let me assure you there was no ‘R&R’ involved.

                                               —-What can I help you with, Tony?


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