[Sharon nods in agreement, silent a long moment even though Maria can’t see the gesture.  But it’s true – this is their third memorial service in as many weeks, another scheduled for next week, the larger commemorative service for every Agent lost aboard the Iliad coming up close behind.  She’s never been one for funerals – is anyone? – but Sharon can’t help but feel as if lately, she’s spent more time in cemeteries than anywhere else.]

Yeah.  Me, too.

[Helping herself to one of the lint rollers still in its packaging on Maria’s desk, Sharon occupies her hands peeling away the plastic, eyeing the thin layer of mingled German Shepherd and Husky hair edging the hem of her dress.  A heavy sigh tumbles out before she can stop it.]

Sure getting tired of saying goodbye to good guys, that’s for sure.

[ It’s getting tiring, Sharon’s right, and Maria can’t help but feel the twinge of guilt that comes along with the thought. It’s been slathered on thick these past couple of weeks, evidence of a situation that’s slipping further and further from their grasp. So much for having a hand on the wheel– But she’s not quite ready to give it up and admit it just yet. A sigh slips out and she sits, exchanging her heels for the other pair. ]


[ The agreement drags out, cut off by the sharp clip of her teeth knocking together. She’s been worrying at the end of a thought for the past several days- and now that she’s in good company– ]

Doesn’t really seem fair–

               Not that I’d wish this on the other side, but it sure seems like for the people that claim they have a lot more to lose…

                          They’re not doing much losing


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