[unzipping the suggested pocket]  Ah, you’re a lifesaver.  It’s fucking freezing out there.

Here — [tucking the package under her arm and crossing over to stand behind Maria, easing the zipper up]  This is nice.  [a beat, an inward breath]  Bonus, considering you’re practically living in it, now.

[ Maria had sent Paige out for her dry cleaning that afternoon- despite hating using her for mundane chores ( it seemed insulting ). But she was grateful when the woman returned with her dress and a six pack of black hose, gel toe inserts for her heels- two pair, and a lint roller. She’s not stupid. ]


[ Neither of them are thrilled to be in this position, clearly. A hand drags through her hair before moving toward the hem of the dress, shifting the fabric so that it settles correctly. The next exhale passes through her nostrils. ]

I’d gladly give it up in exchange for not having to do this anymore.

[ At least not for awhile. She knows what she’d signed up for, but this–
                          was a little excessive as of late. ]


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