❅ ❤️✍️️

Headcanon meme – send me a symbol and I’ll describe my muse’s…

❅ – keeping warm/keeping cool techniques

Maria thrives in the heat. Despite growing up in Chicago where the wind comes off of Lake Michigan in icy sheets, she’s always been partial to summers in the city. The heat of the day doesn’t normally bother her because she’s up before or with the sun and usually at the office long after it goes down, left with only the residual warmth radiating from the pavement. Her hands are always cold, but especially in the summer when the air conditioning is cranked to full blast. There’s a pair of fingerless gloves tucked into a desk drawer for when times get tough, but lately, now that the season’s changed, she’s been relying on another set of always-warm hands to help her get by.

❤ – voice


❣ – hands

As mentioned above, Maria’s hands have the tendency to run rather cold. She doesn’t give them much thought unless they are, for some reason, unable to operate a pistol or any other of effects in her every day carry. Broad palmed, her fingers are tapered and the pads rough from years of heavy use and very little upkeep. Fingernails are kept manicured but are rarely, if ever, polished- it’s important that they’re short enough not to catch on anything, but more so they can’t be chewed.

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