She hadn’t been sure what to expect from this meeting and perhaps it’s a testament to how much she has matured and grown into her current role with the X-Men and within the school that Rogue has managed to maintain her civility rather than lashing out the way that she might have been as a teenager when she had first joined the X-Men. “Ah’m glad we can agree on that.” Support was not something Rogue could really offer. For so many reasons, she did not agree with the Accords and could not really do more than retire and remain neutral in this debate, no matter how much it hurt to give up her X-Men lifestyle. And no matter how much she liked the idea of cooperating, if she wanted to easily maintain the stance that she had, playing nice was probably a good idea. Besides, as much as she and her teammates disagreed with the idea of registering, she couldn’t force that opinion on her students. “Ah suppose it’s only reasonable that Ah tell them the option is there, at least.” She nodded, taking a drink of her coffee. “If that’s not too much trouble fo’ yah tah arrange.”

      The smile on her mouth is tight, dried out, but no less genuine for it. Maybe a little worn, or tired, but she means it ( or else she wouldn’t have wasted the effort of it, along with the time involved in making this meeting happen, however brief it lasted- ). “I think that’s a good idea.” The responsible idea, at least. Maria isn’t about to imply that it wouldn’t be in the best interest of her students if Rogue didn’t offer every angle of information out there, she’s not a teacher. A slow rhythm of her thumbnail against the lip of the cup fills the space between their words. Maria’s not nervous by any means, just alert, en pointe, as it were. In her mind, the more informed the mutants are ( especially the next generation ), the better. “Not at all. I can send the digital packet over this afternoon.” Steam rides the edges of her next inhale, filling the back of her throat with a relaxing warmth, coffee filtering over her tongue before she swallows. “I really do appreciate you making time for this conversation. You know that you’re always welcome to give me a call if you have any other questions? Concerns?


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