what the water gave us ; sharon, jemma, & maria

continued from x

@agent-thirteen ; @agent-biochem

Her head makes contact with the headrest as they touch down on the FDR, momentarily breaking her focus on the asphalt ahead of them ( so Maria wants an easy landing- who can blame her after coming off of the creaking wreckage currently occupying the space of several football fields in the water just off of Manhattan? ). The hand at her ribs is placed there by force of habit, pressure applied even though she has no reason to believe that she’s bleeding, the force of the shot still radiating from the point of impact like shock waves.

    “Give me that.” Maria’s voice is on this side of hoarse and her eyes are narrowed while reaching out with her free hand to snatch the cell from Sharon’s hand. What a goddamn waste it would be if they died in a mundane car accident after escaping all that

She lingers on Sharon’s face for a few brief seconds, clocking the blood spatter on her chin and the front of her uniform. If asking if she was alright wasn’t such an unnecessary question..

               The phone buzzes in her palm and she glances over Jemma’s response. “We’re clear to proceed,” Maria coughs out, taking the opportunity to tap out a quick message before lobbing the phone in the direction of the East River.  


There’s an indicative shift of the car lurching into park and the Director snaps back to attention, blinking hard before sitting fully upright when the passenger side door opens. Sharon helping her out isn’t entirely necessary, but she finds herself grateful ( and cursing under her breath, fingers hooked into the excess material at Sharon’s back ) when the nerves and damaged tissue at her side protest and pinch inward at the sudden influx of movement.

              Cheek dusting Sharon’s shoulder, Maria utilizes the other woman as a crutch while navigating the stairs, keeping a clear eye on at least her half of their peripheral ( much of her quiet attention, however, is allocated for the blonde, who hasn’t yet given her clear indication of her physical or emotional status aside from standing and breathing ).

                       “Sharon– you good?”


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