Only if you’re okay with me coming to collect at the worse possible moment.

[Fitting the lid back on her own coffee, Natasha takes a sip in the companionable silence that stretches out for a moment, finally reaching over to nudge the bag she’d left in front of Maria again.]

We’ll start with you eating that sandwich before I leave so I can rest assured you didn’t just toss it.  [a smile that loosens to something almost crooked – a rarity saved for very specific company]  Consider it a formal request for a sitrep.

Wouldn’t expect anything less.

[ The retort comes easily, as these things often do between those that know each other well. The folds in her forehead deepen mindfully at the movement of the bag, a gentle consideration for the action before Natasha puts a definition to it. Maria’s shoulders drop, she tips her head back good naturedly as if to suggest a feigned irritation, a scoff. ]

     That’s how it’s gonna be?

        [ Except the redhead’s one hundred percent on the right track and Maria has long since gotten past the point of hating that. It’s an accepted facet of their relationship now, something that she’ll just have to ( quite literally ) stomach. A hooked finger pulls the bag the rest of the way and she pokes at the opening, eying the crumpled foil package on the inside. ]


Fine. I’ll eat, you talk. [ It’s hardly fair, but worth a shot. ] What brings you all the way up here?


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