[He voices in response, as though he’s not exactly committed to the idea. Revealing this to be the case mere moments later, when he adds a swift and simple addendum.]

                              –But I want to.  

                    [And that just about says it. He knows, or thinks he knows that Maria won’t take it with 100% sincerity. The twist of irony being, he actually does mean it. Doesn’t think himself above saying something to help him out now and then but…    This one. He actually means it… ] 

                                          [It figures, of course, that she tugs on his choice of words about all that. But seeing as it’s just his way of dealing with it, he shrugs it off with a relative ease. Attempting to smooth the conversation back into the topic at hand.]

                                                      Part of what led to all this, right? 

                            –Guess that’s why I figured I should help out a little.   Also just wanted you guys to know that I’m actually with you on this one…   


        [ It’s an assent, albeit a lazy one, and it’s delivered through the haze of a thin smile. Maria tips her head, brows drifting upward- it’s as much of an acceptance as he’ll get at this point, as neutral as it is. ]

                   [ There’s a stagnate silence that fills the space between them, drawn out ( but far from uncomfortable- Maria thrives off of silences like these and the typical awkwardness that arises in most people during this sort of scenario ). When he doesn’t fold there’s a twinge in her expression that might hint at amusement– ]

               You know, you’re one of the first to come in here not wanting my head on a platter. 

                                                           It’s refreshing.

     [ A half notch forward, an elbow dusts the edge of the desk. Once she’s squared her shoulders, it’s clear that she’s ready to give him her full attention. ]

                              I’m interested to hear your thoughts.


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