Responsible. Right. She didn’t say that she couldn’t be conflicted; that the idea of locking up non-compliant individuals seemed contrary to her ideals. However, her loyalty to SHIELD was unfaltering, and she recognized that she was required to follow orders… Irregardless of what they were. “Yes ma’am,” she answered, running her fingers through her hair, “I’ll keep at it until my next assignment and update you if there’s any new information.”

The Director feels as if there’s something being left unsaid, the decided clip of compliance that spills from Daisy’s mouth isn’t anything she hasn’t heard before. There’s a crease in the center of her forehead, the byproduct of an almost permanently set half-frown. “Good.” Maria shifts atop the soles of her boots, still regarding the agent with a certain amount of stoic concern. Still, she feels the need to clarify. “We aren’t going to have a problem with that, are we?”


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