[One more bounce. He catches the ball in his hand and loosely tosses it back against the floor, watching in satisfaction as it ricocheted off the adjacent wall and began to return in an aerial arc back to him.]

                            Depends. Are you asking our Board of Directors, or are you asking me?

                     [He knows he’s here largely by accident. But he also knows that if Maria Hill really had absolutely no interest in him being here, he would have been escorted forthwith from the premises by now…     So, he’ll play this game too.] 

                                        ‘Cause, it should be pretty obvious I’m with you guys on this one…

                                                            Speaking from personal experience. 

           [ Her patience is eroding with each bounce of the ball off of the drywall. Oscorp and S.H.I.E.L.D. aren’t necessarily on bad terms, but their last run-in had been less than pleasant while she’d attempted to pry for information. A little sloppy, maybe, but necessarily ( in her opinion ). ]

                            You’re the only one sitting here, aren’t you?

                    [ Back off, Hill. He’s here for a reason- reason enough to get him into this chair and offer an olive branch. Eyes narrow, her expression arranged as neutrally as she can manage while her hands come to settle on the edges of the armrests. ]

                                                            Sounds like you have something specific in mind..?


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