Alright.   Try this one on for size.

            [He agrees in his typically low undertone, swinging his arm as he bounces his small, lightweight bouncy ball against the wall of her office. His other hand resting gently atop the rounded top of his sleek, silver-banded cane as he speaks.]

                                                                                           –Do you need any help?

           [ The fact that he’s here and settled so comfortably in a chair in front of her desk is the result of an error on the part of her secretary. Though it’s more of a miscommunication, really, because how was she supposed to know that relations between the Director and the junior Osborn were, for the moment, rather strained.

        Maria’s gaze flits to the ball and follows its ricochet arc. ]

               Depends. Is this a genuine inquiry, or are you sniffing around for good press?


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