blue moon | Maria & Bruce


It’s quickly becoming evidently clear that Maria’s settling in for the long haul – which Bruce has no qualms with, other than the fact he’s still mostly sitting up. The hoarseness of her voice just makes her sound all the more pathetic, warm affection sweeping through the whole of his body as she effectively drapes over him. A little hungover, he’s guessing by that comment, and he’s glad he’s got some water within reach on the bedside table. 

        “You and Sharon both?”

Carefully he clears the other side of the bed in preparation so they’ll be able to lay down properly. 

       “Mmhm,” she affirms without moving much- the heat that he’s radiating is actually starting to do wonders for her headache and muscle soreness. Exhaustion is starting to seep into her form, the tightness in her shoulders beginning to dissipate and now that she’s stopped moving ( the armor she so typically packs on has been falling away, piece by piece, the moment she slipped through the door ). She can feel him moving, distantly, but it doesn’t seem as though he’s intent on moving away from her, so she’s content for the moment to relish this closeness.

     “It looks like you were very busy.”


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