“You’re doing more to help my spirits than anyone else has. Mostly people are worried about my recovery so much they get to be a bit negative.” Pepper grinned, finishing the glass of wine, setting the glass on the table. “God, I’m looking forward to being able to get good food on demand. And sleeping in my own bed. I miss my pillows and my dog, and everything like that.”

“Worried about your recovery? Who? Do they know you? I’m more worried about the people you’ll come into contact with than you, Pepper.” Maria tips a smile, easy and curling at the edges- the relaxed nature likely spurred on by the wine ( and company ). There weren’t many people she could do this with, so times like these are cherished. “Let me come by one night and help you get settled. No agents or anything like that. Is it too much to ask for a dinner uninterrupted by international fallout?”


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