Now that that’s done – he has to wonder how long she does have, before she needs to get on a plane.     They’d wait have for her though, wouldn’t they?  

         “I’m fairly confident we can find a way to fix that…” he’s not wearing enough clothes for this, and he meets her lips before she can start something they don’t have time to finish – or maybe they do, and he pulls her closer as he steps in, a hand sliding up and into her hair, 

     “We could get a head start.” 

There’s a drawn-out inhale sipped through the part in her teeth and several seconds while she seriously considers the suggestion. Maria rises, her nose tracing a delicate line across his cheek before she presses her mouth definitively against his, falling back to her heels and feeling less than satisfied. 

        “I can’t,” she breathes, with an edge to her voice that’s reminiscent of a groan, hand trailing slowly across the plane of his back. An exhale. “I only stopped by to let you know.”


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