It’s excellent timing, really, and Bruce is just stepping out of shower with his hair still dripping, reaching for the towel, so he hears his name faintly but clearly. Maria’s home… it’s not early or late, a weird in-between, and that has him wrapping the towel around his waist and leaving partially-wet footprints in his wake as he opens the door to the living room,

       “Hey.”   There’s a bag – he comes out a few steps, wondering if this is what’s been on her mind, but there’s also the concern that comes with anything that deviates from their version of normal,   “Are you okay?” 

      “Yeah.” A slight frown, pinched brows in the center of her forehead. Maria follows his gaze to the bag, everything slots into place. Right. “Oh, yeah. I’m fine. I’ve just got to go. Only for a night or two.” Her eyes drift, she catches sight of the residual water splatter pooling atop his shoulders and feels her own begin to inch downward. Maria takes a single, measured step forward. “Sharon and I have been summoned to Washington for a meeting with the head of the World Security Council.” She can feel the heat rolling off of him from here. “It’ll be fine.” Liar.



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