Elena opened her mouth, as she was about to respond in spanish, she focused on what she learned so far. After all, she didn’t came here and learnt all this english for nothing “I would like that very much.” Elena nods “That would be…dope ?” the last word is actually a question. did she said that right ? One of her neighbor taught her that but she wasn’t sure if she was using it properly.

              Maria’s mouth tightens at the corners, as close to a smile as she’ll get right now, the brief uptick of her expression indicating that she’s pleased they seem to have settled the purpose of this meeting. She offers a clipped nod, the phone slides into her pocket. Her next meeting is ten meters out, and she can see the agents milling in the doorway. The slang earns a huff of breath- definitely not a laugh, but a recognition of humor nonetheless. “Sure.” An outstretched hand- consider it a gesture of goodwill, or of a promise she means to keep. “Look for something in your inbox very soon.”


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