sharon > maria


» Done

» Although I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for the unsanctioned deployment of an extra-military drone squadron

» We’ll be home before midnight probably

[sent a half-hour later from Sharon’s private cell phone]

(917): Shit the view is nice from here, I always forget

(917): I guess there are worse places to watch Tony Stark’s robot army rescue kittens from trees, right?

( It’s actually an hour and a half, probably closer to two, before Maria actually makes it to conference room Patroclus. )

There’s a soft snick at the door when she’s cleared to enter and she uses her back to push it open, shifting into the room with a pizza box balanced on one hand, a bag slung over that same shoulder, and a couple of liter-sized bottles of water tucked into the crook of her other arm.

“Jesus. You know I nearly had to deck a kid on my way up here? Apparently it doesn’t matter who you are if you arrive topside with a pizza. He’s just lucky I had my hands full.”

Her eyes shift to the window view, sliding the pizza box onto the table, followed by the waters, one placed marginally closer to Sharon’s seat. The bag hits one of the many empty chairs ( a change of clothes and toiletries, should this last longer than expected ) but Maria remains standing. 



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