“You expect me to accept help? You know that’s a hard thing to try to sell me on.” Pepper shook her head with a good natured grin, taking the glass to raise it to Maria’s toast. “I’m going to see how the first day goes, and if I have too much trouble then I might see about crashing with Tony until I’m a little more healed up. He’s already looking after my dog, so I’d hate to put him out even more.”

“Someone’s gotta be available to help you get around. An intern, at least? Do you have a bag guy? You need a bag guy.” Maria gives her an admonishing look, good-humored but serious nonetheless. She takes a swallow of the wine, hardly enjoying it before speaking again. “Can’t Stark build you one? I wouldn’t worry about putting him out. Doesn’t have like four houses?” A smirk, she’s joking, and there’s a part of her that doesn’t want to think about just how badly her friend had been injured. At just how lucky she’d been. How entirely different this conversation could be going. “I think you should take it easy. You’ll heal faster.”

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