For a moment he’s pretty sure she’s going to take the option to dismiss him. She seems a bit unsociable. He’s a bit unsociable. This confrontation isn’t a good time for anybody. His legs are starting to complain a bit, too.

        But she surprises him to letting him have a chair. Takes him a second to react, then he gives her a grateful nod and slides onto the seat opposite, coffee in hand. 

               “Thank you. By all means, take all the time you need.
                          Somehow I don’t think being rude would’ve gotten me anywhere…”

“Oh definitely not,” Maria affirms, her attention already dragged back to her screen, a furious email currently being tapped out across the keyboard.

               He seems polite, harmless. Reminds her a little of someone else she knows in the way he holds himself. Plus, it’s either him or someone else and she definitely doesn’t want to take her chances against the innumerable amount of weirdos in the city. 

                     For now, he’s fine. Plus, like she said, she’s nearly finished. 

     “So, what is it- internet outage or insufferable coworkers?” Maria finally looks up from her laptop, leveling her gaze at him over the plastic casing. “Because it’s certainly not the coffee. They say they roast their own here but it’s really subpar in terms of in-house roasteries around here. So which is it? Your internet go out or does your cube mate whistle too loudly?”


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