“Well…No, I assumed she wanted to be left alone…” he sighed “We have an agreement. We call each other every fridays or so…Right after her favorite show and well, she’s always happy because she tells me everything that’s been going on but yesterday she just…” he frowned “She didn’t get into details, it’s like she hadn’t been watching at all !” He looked at his boss “Was she in a bad mood ? Is she sick ? Oh…What if she was with someone ? I can’t deal with the last two options… How am I suppose to ask ? I am not exactly qualified for this, I think we can both agree on the fact the subtlety is not my greatest strength…”

But then Fitz realised that he was talking to the Director of SHIELD and not a friend. She probably didn’t want to hear any of this. He shook his head “I apologise… I shouldn’t have bothered you with this. Plus, it’s a workplace so it’s inappropriate”

But his face was saying it all : he was begging for help.

Maria squints, cocks her head- a little lost. If this was what Fitz had to worry about she actually envied him. 

    “Did you think about asking her any of this?”

Subtlety or not, the fact that he’s asking her rather than simply phoning his mother and relaying the questions seems rather unnecessary. He’s worried, that much is clear, and is simply using her as a sounding board. She gets it. 

                “It’s fine.”

Maria waves away the apology with a swift hand gesture, returning to her previous state, arms crossed, inquisitive expression. 

“Call your mom, Agent Fitz.”


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