sharon > maria


(917): It’s a party, Hill, it literally by definition can’t be mandatory 

(917): Also Thor promised me Asgardian booze and all but told me I couldn’t handle it

(917): I’m sure as shit not proving him wrong by myself

(917): I feel like that’s a good excuse to share??  Plus sharing with me doesn’t really count

(202): Is Thor really still handing out patronizing challenges like that? To YOU of all people?

(202): You have Steve to tag in for you, but that’s sort of cheating.

[ Several minutes + one big sigh later. ]

(202): God, I’m going to have to come now and make sure you don’t have to get your stomach pumped, aren’t I? This is the lowest form of guilt-tripping.

(202): I also feel the need to point out that sharing with you isn’t really so much sharing as you taking.


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