“You and I have that in common.”

Jessica almost sneers at the other, whose expression entertains her.  Hill couldn’t quite get a good read on her, and that was the way she preferred it.  If it kept SHIELD off her ass, she would make all the sneers and jeers she wanted.

“-just so long as it’s not me doing your errands.  I want a real job, not busywork.”


Seriously. A person who doesn’t trust anyone else is a good ally to have- and even if they aren’t quite collaborators just yet, Maria’s willing to work toward something mutually beneficial ( as well as professionally discrete ).

“Please. I have an assistant for that sort of thing, Jones.”

The incredulousness intensifies briefly before her expression falls back to neutral. Maria tips her chin upwards, eyes hooded slightly.

“We’ll be in touch.” A pause. “I think it goes without saying not to mention this to anyone.”


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