“Hey, this is my money too. We’re splitting everything pretty evenly.” Pepper teased, nodding at Maria’s menu choice. “That’s a good choice there. They have excellent food. I’d recommend getting the chocolate mousse cake for dessert if we order from them.”

“I’m not going to disagree with that.” Pepper grinned at the other woman’s compliment. “Technically I was still on while I was in Japan, just not here. I was dealing with the Japanese bits.”

“Well, then let’s make sure this comes out of Tony’s half.” A flick of her brows, the slight purse of her lips communicating humor. “And I’ll split the mousse cake, deal?”

“Still. The point remains- Pepper Potts at the helm of Stark Industries is something I can get behind. Hopefully aside from the current ordeal you aren’t having to deal with too much else in terms of disasters and PR nightmares?”


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