Bold what your muse has done in the last twelve months.


been so sick you were bed-bound for at least three days  ||  gotten so drunk you did something you really shouldn’t have done  ||  celebrated your birthday with a cake and presents  ||  had family over or went to family for Christmas  ||  had something stolen  ||  cried yourself to sleep  ||  went without sleep for more than three days  ||  made a new friend  ||  met someone you wish you hadn’t  ||  had a fight with someone that’s still unresolved  ||  cheated on someone  ||  been cheated on  ||  held a gun  ||  used a gun  ||  performed/presented in front of at least twenty people ||  bought something that cost at least a thousand dollars  ||  watched at least one full season of a show  ||  broken something in anger  ||  told someone something you were really afraid to admit  ||  been on a plane  ||  been hospitalized for anything at all  ||  broken a bone  ||  gotten stitches  ||  been in a car accident  ||  bought a new item of clothing  ||  left the country  ||  prayed  ||  been so disappointed in something you cried  ||  had sex with more than three different people  ||  stolen something from a shop or from someone  ||  kept a diary/journal for the majority of the year  ||  seen someone die  ||  killed someone  ||  got into a fist fight while sober  ||  slept outside involuntarily  ||  threatened with a gun or a different weapon  ||  played an instrument  ||  played a video game  ||  finished a whole bottle of alcohol on your own  ||  smoked  ||  went out for meal with someone  ||  petted an animal that isn’t your own pet  ||  lied to someone you care about


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