“Murdering people is bad, right? I mean…I know it’s illegal, but sometimes idiots are just too far gone and they’re eating away at society’s resources.” 

“At least I don’t have to lie to them. I have no comments because Tony doesn’t tell me anything.”

“Wish I could agree with you. But as it is, I’m currently on-duty.” A wincing, half-apologetic smile, the shrug that accompanies speaks far more of her agreement with Pepper than what she’s actually spoken aloud. 

“Stark doesn’t tell anyone anything. At least not me.” Definitely not her. “But, judging by your frustration, this seems to be a new development.” The Director slides into one of the unoccupied chairs in front of the desk. “As much as I’m sure Tony would be thrilled to know we’ve been talking about him- how are you?”


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