[ four days, another is posted; an unfamiliar hand, lacking a cipher, but the translation confirms its origin: ]

                        एक गधे टोनी स्टार्क बुलाया मुलाकात

[ A flash of color slid in among the mundane; her fingers move for it immediately, plucking it from between the folds of paper ( who even sends paper bills anymore? Why does she get so much mail? ), flipping it over nearly immediately to frown at the scribble on the back. Maria moves through the door, tucking the rest of her mail under one arm while she studies the front photograph. 

She leans it up against the backsplash while she stands sorting through the junk mail, hipbone pressed against the corner of the counter. Mail trashed, Maria finally allows herself to pull out her phone, scanning the text with an app that earns a huff of bemusement when it displays the translation. 

                                                                           ‘ Met a donkey called Tony Stark ’ ]


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