“It wouldn’t even bother me much if they weren’t so rude about it. But Ah guess people just always have tah make themselves feel better than someone else.“

Rogue sighed, subconsciously fiddling with her gloves as the other woman’s attention shifts to her phone.

“Mostly, yeah. Ah’ve given up with trying tah deal with them for the most part.”

     “People are rude.” She says this with an air of finality. And it’s true, all grown people should know it. Still, the tilt to her head and slightest softening of her expression suggests that she understands when she looks up from her phone. “People are especially rude when they don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Words like that have no weight, or shouldn’t. But Maria knows that doesn’t make them hurt less.

     “They’re not worth your time.”

The statement is flush with meaning. It conveys knowledge of the woman’s situation without being overtly obvious, as well as indicating that Rogue has ( already secured ) Hill’s respect, begrudging or no. She shrugs.


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