[He’s becoming conscious of himself. Of how tense and
riled he’s now feeling. Clamping down on all sorts of emotions before
they threaten to burst. That’s not what he wants to do. Actually
the last thing he wants to do is find himself exploding on someone he
considers a friend, tensions regarding governmental spy organizations or

             [But he knows he’s going to if this keeps up. Just a matter of course. Even as Maria explains her case, and it’s a fair one. Which makes his potential to start shouting about it all the more alarming. He’s not going to become the unreasonable one here… ]

         Listen–. Right now, no-one has a better idea of where Extremis is, and how safe it is from other people than me.
Not even Stark. Since the casino, he’s kind of dropped off the face of
the Earth. Don’t blame him, but that’s how things are. So to go with
your metaphor, he’s not even on the field right now.

           [Won’t answer his emails, won’t pick up calls. KARI says JARVIS hasn’t said anything to either effect. It’s got him concerned to say the least, but as he’d just said. It is how it is.]

                 Because you’d know, I’d have thought you’d understand a little more. We invited Simmons onto the team for a reason. [Not the reason he’s implying it was.]  You literally have one of your people on the team– why are you so worried? You’re already involved. Front row seats.

     [ Brows flick upward. She’s not going to call him out, not right now, even when before ( when they’d been friends ) she might have thought about it. There’s an equal advantage and disadvantage to narrowing the knowledge base down to a one person party like this. A double edged sword, so to speak. The fact that he’s done so ( with or without Stark’s permission ) speaks volumes about the current state of relationships within the project. 

           Hill settles in behind a mask of calm and her eyelids droop a couple of millimeters. No need in upping his blood pressure now. Especially when it was blatantly clear he’d be next to worthless as far as data-mining goes. ]

                             You believe that? 

     [ It’s all she allows herself. Just that subtle stab of doubt, make him man up and think about it. Harry Osborn thinks he’s the goddamn manager of this team- like hell he is. The thought almost tips a smile past her defenses, a firmly pressed line at her mouth. ]

           Gesture appreciated.

     [ Is that what he wanted? Petulant child. As if they’d actually cared about S.H.I.E.L.D’s involvement. To be expected, of course, but if they’re worried about transparency this isn’t exactly the way you go about it. ]

                 I’m more worried about what’s going on backstage than what Agent Simmons can report on. But you aren’t. Seems like you’ve got everything under control. That’s good news, Osborn. 

     [ If she’s being sarcastic it’s not readily apparent. Maybe there is relief beneath her cool façade. Or maybe she’s just telling herself that to make herself feel better. In any case, there was no need for anymore sharp words exchanged today- no epic manager-umpire throwdowns were on her personal docket, so she tightens the corners of her mouth into some semblance of a smile. Hill rotates, moving to leave. She’s satisfied with the groundwork she’s laid, however minimal. ]


                                   You know I’m always available to chat.


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