fast pace | sharon > maria


[sent from Sharon’s personal cell phone]

(917): def readiness cond 2 oscorp brooklyn will follow encryp

[ninety seconds later on S.H.I.E.L.D.-encrypted message service]

» Unknown hostiles took Oscorp security network down w/ DDoS 10 minutes ago, Extremis project and viable physical sample targeted
» Just got off the phone with Osborn, in-house security is maintaining a perimeter but no 20 on the infiltrator(s)
» No other info, could be AIM, could be domestic
» Active sample is biologically weaponizable, already working on assembling S.T.R.I.K.E. Theta
» Initiate Brooklyn auto lockdown y/n?

» Just getting off the phone with Osborn now.
» I’ll get a tech team on AIM’s servers, see if they know anything or if they’re leaking intel.
» Good. Keep me updated.
» And yes. Absolutely. The quicker we create an impermeable perimeter the more of a chance we have at recovering the sample.


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