Washington D.C. is left badly damaged as an earthquake shakes the down-town at an estimated magnitude level of 6.1 on the Richter Scale. The epicenter has been located somewhere between DuPont and Logan circle. The area was left with about $600,000 in damages, and as of now, there are no fatalities and only two reported injuries. What leaves questions on all of our minds, however, is the sudden and unusual nature of this quake.

          According to a seismologist (who has requested to remain anonymous), “there were no signs of any coming earthquake, especially not in Washington. This is something completely out of left field … No one could have seen it coming.”

          Eyewitness also claim that the earthquake only spanned several blocks, and that it had began at a much smaller scale, rapidly increased, and within a few minutes died down suddenly. Seismologists are currently working to find any similar incidents worldwide that could provide an explanation for this unusual event – but could there be something more sinister behind the scenes?

          Pamela Byrnes, who at the time of the quake was right at the epicenter, told our reporters that, “everyone was totally panicked, it was crazy. I was almost crushed by a piece of a roof. There was only one lady who just seemed… confused. Like, she wasn’t moving at all, she was just talking on the phone all angry-like. I didn’t see her face, but it was freaky.” Numerous other bystanders confirm this, and although no one has been able to put a name to this face, they add that the woman was short, thin, had brunette hair and was dressed in all-black.

          Whether this is truly just a strange weather phenomenon or something much more unnatural and darker at work, as we at the Bugle have seen before, only time will tell.


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