hill >> stark


(424): It’s my prerogative of /what/ I divulge and /when/.


I think you’re forgetting who you’re dealing with here. I’m not a faceless organisation on the other side of the free world with questionable goals.


/Regardless/ of your thoughts on the matter, I know the difference between what’s right and wrong. Past events have proven that I have everyone’s general well-being in mind when putting together a plan. This occasion is no different.


Bottom of the list, huh? Always nice to see you so keen on reserving me a spot /somewhere/. Talk about VIP treatment.
(424): Are you honestly telling me you /haven’t/ come across other research projects that have enacted confidentiality clauses to hinder them being compromised by potentially untoward third parties?
(424): If that’s the case, that’s incredibly sad and not worth anyone’s time.

(202): /Someone’s/ running hot.
(202): Tony, trust me. I will never forget who I’m dealing with. You make it pretty hard what with your obsession with plastering your name all over everything.
(202): You are not the one with sole discretion on everyone’s well-being and I find it highly concerning I even have to remind you of that.

[ She pauses to roll her eyes- only Tony Stark would take offense from an offhanded comment regarding his importance. ]

(202): Other research projects usually don’t end up becoming something I have to eventually deal with. 
(202): And your defensiveness isn’t speaking well to that. Neither is Harry’s.


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