hill >> stark


(424): Glad to see that my /rare/ endeavours of public discretion are proving fruitful.
(424): Figured you’d already taken the time to speak to all parties before resorting to /slumming/ it with me. Osborn included.
(424): Take it from me when I say that you shouldn’t trust that kid, Hill. And this isn’t just some personal vendetta.
(424): I’ve been in the world of business and “heroism” long enough to spot a rotten egg. But that’s a topic for another conversation.

[ read 13:37 ]

[ sent 14:42 ]
(202): I get more information from other people than you Stark. Don’t act hurt, we both know you’re not.
(202): Aw, it’s sweet of you to look out for me like this. 
(202): But trust me when I say I’ve been in the spy business long enough to be well within my rights of deciding who and who not to trust on my own. 
(202): And at the rate you’re going you’re headed straight to the bottom of that list.
(202): Keeping your research guarded like this- not only is it unusual, but it’s shady as all get out.


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