[Harry shifts slightly in his seat; or rather squirms, even though he’ll never admit it. She really wants to know. He feels vindicated obfuscating due to the fact he only has a few guesses. He doesn’t actually know.   And he really, really doesn’t want this project to be shut down before it can be finished.]


                         And, hey, if I had his condition I’m pretty sure I would have ‘Hulked out’ at Tony Stark a few times myself by now. Guy just isn’t a team player, doesn’t play by any rules…    He probably did something without telling Banner first.

                   [He’s been doing that a lot lately…]

   [ Maria’s eyes level, her lids slip just a touch lower because for all the kid’s experience in the real world he really has no ability to guard his emotions. Part of her wants to extend an offer to help him out- there are training courses that lower-level agents take to eradicate this sort of thing. The twitchiness, the flash of worry that does nothing to conceal the fact that he knows more than he’s letting on. Her mouth tightens, she reins in this smile. ]

             We all would have, trust me. 

[ Tell me something I don’t know, Osborn. ]

                        But Banner usually knows when to pick a fight, so something makes me think this was something a bit more… extreme?

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