The muscles in his jaw are tensing, but not from the usual cause; irritation, indignation, frustration – well, maybe a touch of frustration, the kind that makes his heart hammer in anticipation, makes even the short distance between them feel too far. The tips of his fingers twist to grip a little more firmly, fighting the urge to pull her all the way in. He can show her exactly how, in a heartbeat, if they weren’t-  

              and the last of his resolve crumbles, she’s just too close, too irresistible, too alluring and enticing, he doesn’t care where they are or who can walk in, he needs to kiss her, to touch her, to pull her in and feel her without this ridiculous distance between them. 

     If she wants to tease him like that, she can deal with the fallout.  

A reaction. It’s what she wanted all along, being the tipping point and it has a chuckle brewing in the back of her throat, a smile curling the corners of the mouth when their lips inevitably meet. He pulls her closer, pressing the line of their bodies together. Pulse rising, thrumming at her throat- this is suddenly far more interesting than the gambling going on inside.

             The hand that was on his jacket is now at the back of his neck, fingertips gliding along his hairline, thumb tracing the line of his pulse. Her lips part, there’s something of a victorious smirk, and she puts a sliver of space between them, an arm drifting to encircle his waist. Maybe it’s the buzz at the back of her brain that’s incited the smile, maybe not, but she can’t help the low laugh that finally slips free. 


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