[ The alert pulls him right out of a dead sleep. He’s cursing whatever could possibly have happened to have warranted an activation of a SHIELD Emergency Protocol in his head as he shifts gently in bed. Jemma’s warm and soft against him and in his arms, and the thought that he has to leave her like this, especially now after what they’ve just shared together only further spikes his irritation.

She squirms a little as he delicately untangles himself from her, and he whispers quietly in her ear, calming her subconscious so she’ll drift back into her deep sleep. When she’s settled again, he resumes pulling himself out of their embrace until he’s free to search the floor for his pants and his discarded phone.

Finding it makes him even more pissed. ]

                    You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.

[ He wants to chuck the damn phone at a wall after he reads the messages from the Director; a Hulk incident is the very last thing he thought they’d have to deal with considering how well Dr. Banner seems to have been doing. Instead he’s leaving his girlfriend alone in bed to go deal with a literal vessel of rage.

Fucking great.

He shoots off a text before he gets dressed. ]

      (202): Offsite but en route, current ETA 15 mins
      (202): Sit rep? Casualties?

[ Maria’s already shifted into work-mode, angling herself toward the doors and at the back of the crowd already rushing toward them. Phone in hand, she’s half-directing the crowd and half-wrangling her wayward agents. The STRIKE team was en route, but the pilot was chirping in her ear- apparently TSA was giving pushback on the clearance for landing and Maria doesn’t have time for this– ]

(202): None reported yet. Stark’s out of the way.
(202): Find and secure a safe point on your way in. We’ll point civs in that direction.


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