His lip rolls between his teeth, reeling in the small measure of success at her ready agreement. “Nothing odd at all,” he agrees, but his effacing smile should be suspect enough, and he watches her go, eyes lingering far too long for a casual encounter. 

          The phone, a great go to, except… 

    He extracts his own phone from his pocket, heading in the other direction, two stems splitting opposite ways with an intent that can’t be coincidence. Dialing her number is easy, though he’s uncertain if she’s left the device on silent. Either way, he’ll likely catch her off-guard, and he tucks the phone close to his ear, slipping through the crowd, keeping his eyes low and his gait unremarkable. 

Director Hill,” he smiles, faux-surprise, when he hears the pause that could either be a connection or a disconnect. 

It’s surprising, but she rolls with it, adjusts for the minor disrupt in routine with only the slightest quirk of her head, the barest hitch in her step. A half turn, she’s still moving, casting a look over one shoulder before she’s free of the crowd and stuffy room. A huff of bemusement, Maria tips her head toward the end of the hallway.

                “It looks like you got lost, Banner.” A few more steps take her to the hallway’s end, a door leading out to a balcony more commonly used as a seating area in the warmer months- a smoking area in the winter. It’s empty, for now. She rests her spine against the handle.


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