Bruce –> Maria


The section of muffin passes through his lips, the few crumbs that linger brushed away with his fingertips as he pinches his lips, briefly – a raised eyebrow and the incline of his head, a look that reads ‘what do you think?’, confident she’ll need no more ( and probably not even that ) to find the right answer.

A pinkie comes out to hook around her finger, a momentary touch before he lets it slide off – it’s still a surprise, a warm one, that Pepper had asked. That Tony, presumably, had also agreed.

    “Thanks. Seemed pretty set on it too.”  Despite all the reasons that would make him an unfit for any sort of responsibility. Behind the uncertainty, he can admit to being a little pleased.

A smile, Maria tilts her head, eyes flitting toward the brief touch. It slides away and she moves for the pastry, breaking off a piece for herself. The ensuing laugh slides out on the tail end of her exhale. “Of course she was.” She expected nothing less- well, maybe something a bit more, even. Stark had the tendency to be over the top about things most people considered mundane. 

The piece passes easily to her mouth, hand drops back to the table, fingertips resting against the back of his palm at the top of his wrist. She rolls her lips between her teeth, biting back the smile that’s been working its way to the surface for the past several minutes. 

       “They chose well, I think.” Aside from the one glaring issue, Bruce was truly a good candidate. He was a good man at the core- and those sorts of people are hard to find these days. “Don’t you?”


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