Sharon hears the familiar alert increasing in volume, insistent, shit, Jesus Christ, of course something would – nothing is ever fucking easy

Fuck fuck fuck goddamn it what the fuck – ]

“Baby – shit, hang on – ”

[She has to nudge at Steve’s shoulder to get enough space to look around for where her clutch ended up on the floor – it’s an effort, being any further away that right here is way too far right now – somehow it’s gotten buried under his jacket at their feet and goddamn it, she really doesn’t –

The alert drones on, cycling through two loud, piercing tones, and even though she hasn’t heard it for over a year it grates, puts her back up instantly, wiping the last of the giddy, gin-and-kiss-fueled haze from her mind.

So much for that, I guess.

Her purse is abandoned on the carpet again once she’s retrieved her S.H.I.E.L.D. phone, and Sharon leans back against the wall heavily, a deep sigh of frustration escaping as she swipes the screen to silence the alert, Maria’s messages appearing once she does.

A frown creases her brow instantly.

486H4-V is – think – fuck, it’s civilian evac and perimeter, S.T.R.I.K.E. Team Gamma means – ]

“The Hulk?!

(917): You have got to be fucking kidding me

(917): Upstairs and en route, ETA four minutes max

(917): Sit rep?

[ She’s got a hand to the chest of a very mouthy drunk, demanding he get his chips off of the table he’d just been sitting at. After a barrage of words exchanged- most of them not exactly polite ( or protocol ), Hill pushes him back with the heel of her hand connecting with his sternum. There’s always an asshole or two who seems to think their lives aren’t worth as much as whatever it is they’re trying to gain. The crowd is surging, backs to the rage monster who’s headed in the opposite direction, thank christ, but there’s still that residual panic that causes the mass of people to ebb and flow like a tide and she’s losing ground. ]

(202): STRIKE team is on the ground, ETA 7 minutes.
(202): Triplett is securing a safety point. Need crowd control to keep anyone out of Hulk’s path until STRIKE team arrives.
(202): I’m at the center set of doors- if you can come in from the side you won’t be fighting the surge of people.


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