Her head falls to the side, eyebrow arching up slightly at the mention of security breaches, but she decides lets it go. “Yes, thank you. The phone has been a reassuring safeguard.”

“Thank you for making time to see me. I wanted to come and update you personally rather than through email.” Jemma opened her folio and pulled out a copy of the most recent findings. “Things are finally turning around with the project. We’ve had a number of set backs, chased an array of false leads, but it looks like we’re on the right track now.” 

A nod, a gentle hum of consideration. Jemma’s business is her own, but only when her privacy isn’t directly threatened by another employee. Maria doesn’t understand how she can be so passive in regards to the agent in question, but again- her business is her business. The Director will step in only when she has to.

“I appreciate the update. It’s a little concerning- what with so many bright-minded individuals on this project that there would be as many obstacles as there are.” Maria’s used to ordering something and seeing it done, hand delivered and signed paperwork on her desk just shy of the due date. To be so hands-off concerning the Extremis project while still being intimately knowledgable of most of the details– it’s a new experience, that’s for certain. 

                “What kind of progress can I expect to hear about, moving forward? What can you elaborate about the project?”


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