[He starts, a sudden injection of energy into his voice as his hands shoots up to gesture his words in a physical aid. His voice is enthused, a boyish excitement spreading his smile as he lets his interest speak for him. He even tilts forward in his seat, the leather cushioning creaking in protest as he does; all smiles and surety, as though he had some Great Truth to impart upon her. Which is inebriated self certainly believed he did. So he rattles on just the same, accidentally disturbing his glass with his elbow as he gets going.]

                       You know like, there are actual cases of phones stopping shrapnel and saving people’s lives? Something explodes, and-. It just like. They have it to their ear, tryna call someone and… poom.   [He mimes every single action, including the explosive effect, eyes wide with child-like wonder.]      It catches it. The phone. Shrapnel.   Just like that. Great big  impact hole in the cover…  

        [He trails off, watches her face as if expecting some dramatic result from the ‘anecdote’.]

[There’s something about letting a little loose around your colleagues. It’s like you’re offered a glimpse of who they really are beneath all of the decorum and professionalism. Maybe not who they are– some sort of meld of the two, something in the middle. Maria sees who Harry is when they’re outside of the confines of steel beams and gleaming glass windows. Edifices of infrastructure, of stability, and order. A hand reaches out to steady the tumbler, fingertips brushing condensation to keep the whole thing from tipping and upsetting valuable contents atop the bar- not that he couldn’t afford it, of course. Her mouth is affixed with a half smile, consisting mostly of bemusement at the CEO’s excitement.]

                                             I have heard that. It’s why I mentioned it.

           [A wry smile, maybe she’s being a little rough on him considering he’s several glasses ahead of her. Brows lift, the expression on her face much milder than his but no doubt inspired by his dramatic retelling.]

                      C’mon Osborn, don’t tell me I’m not your best customer. I inspire your techs to make better product. In fact, you should really think about naming your next phone model after me.


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