The hard part of being such a rock, a figure of stability, was that when it came to lean on someone else there was a struggle. A determination to try and keep it all together, despite needing to confide in someone else, no matter how close they were.

Hands shook slightly, taking a breath to ease the nerves. “Well, I can’t ask for anything more than that”, Sue said with a nervous laugh. Eyes closed, head falling back, she had to take a moment to contemplate how to begin. Where to begin. “Let’s start with the holiday that went to hell. Before it Reed and I would fight, but this got really bad”.

Swallowing thickly, Sue lowered her head again, feeling a soft flush color her cheeks, feeling the embarrassment of exposing the damage in her marriage. Like a sore spot, that was still red and raw.

Maria can sympathize deeply with Sue’s position. While she may not be a mother, she still embodies the head of an organization ( whereas mothers are typically the centers of their respective families ). Panic and undue fuss can set the whole organization toppling, just the same way expressing a situation might be less than well could send a child into a tantrum. She’s most CERTAINLY not a mother, but sometimes it feels like it, what with all the childish bullshit she has to deal with day in and out.

A low hum, Maria stoppers with with a drink. “Every couple fights.” She’s pretty sure, at least. Mostly sure. Probably. It seems abnormal that a pair of people would exist that couldn’t find anything to fight over. 

She keeps it clipped to that, a brief acknowledgement and a small nod to continue. If Sue wants to talk, she’ll talk. If she wants to drink– she’ll drink. Maria’s here for either option.


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