[ It takes longer than it should – it feels like it takes ages, until finally the doors open and he can step out. A floor too early, but he’s starting to think that maybe scaling the side of the building would’ve been a better bet than the elevator. ] 

     That’s fine,  thanks. 

[ Maria answered her phone – that’s good. Bruce heads to the stairwell, not quite sure where he’s going but wanting to be going somewhere. ]

  Doctor Banner is currently experiencing some degree of social anxiety, though I do not believe there is any great cause for alarm as of this time.
       He is separating from the main event.

[ each step takes them further away from the bustling crowds and hounding reporters, closer to peace and solitude that the owner of the mobile device JARVIS is speaking through desired and needed. ]

   Banner has requested details regarding your current location.

      [ Shoulders relax, roll backward slightly to nest against her vertebrae and she stands. Phone palmed and she can move with it through the room; toward the windows first while she looks out over the city landscape, then back toward the desk in a long boomeranging pacing motion. The Director hums gently- understanding and thinly veiled concern in the thrumming sound. ]

                    Send him my way. I’m in my room. 

      [ Maria assumes that the AI doesn’t need the details- the event is Stark-sponsored, it wouldn’t make sense for the program to not have access to the details of her stay. ]

                                                           —-Thank you, Jarvis.


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