Permission Slip | Jemma & Maria


         “I’m sure I’ll have my hands full with the science, but I will gather as much intel as I can…and if you required it, I could do more.”

          It’s a scary offer, but she knows it’s her duty to make it. 

         “Also, ma’am. If I’m not mistaken, I believe I’ve dealt with something similar to this project, with the Mike Peterson and the Centipede fiasco. Would I be able to have access to those files again?”

             The assignment itself isn’t exactly OFFICIAL in the sense that Maria wants Jemma to solely collect intel. All she really has to do is EXIST and contribute to the project and keep her ears open. Maria has complete and utter faith in Jemma’s ability to do both of these things, so there isn’t really much more to discuss.

       “Of course. I’ll push the order through for your clearance level to be raised to level six.”

                           “That should be sufficient.”


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