“I’ll be counting on you to make that call when the time comes”.

While her words had a joking edge, there also seemed to be a hint of seriousness, since this was a topic that was difficult to talk about. Opening up on a marriage falling apart, of a family spread across different locations, was never easy. The overwhelming guilt that was felt, not only for hurting them, but that she was so okay. Already considering what the future would hold, and where she would fit into it, only made the guilt worse.

“I don’t know. I’ve been struggling with this for about a month, or longer. Spend so many hours just sitting and trying to come up with an answer. Everything seemed so perfect, but now… now it’s not”.

     “You can trust me to make the right decision.”

There’s a latent humor to her words, but her gaze is fixedly serious when it sweeps back to meet Sue’s. In her world, secrets hold value, a certain amount of weight. A currency to be traded, not that she has many that are available to be shared, but it means that she VALUES the amount of trust Sue is placing in her with the ensuing revelation. She takes another draw from her glass. 

     “In my experience it’s not good to let things FESTER like this.” Even though Maria Hill is the EXPERT at letting problems eat away at her like acid. She hinted at experience, which doesn’t necessarily include solving said problems. “Whatever it is, we can work at it together- if that’s something you’re interested in. If not, consider me a sounding board. Just tell me who to diss and I’ll do so appropriately.”

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