He sighed “No need.” he said quickly answering to her threat. “I’ll pass those exams. But I would like Agent Simmons for the physical exam, she knows a lot more about me than what my file says.” he looked at her “I would never hurt someone…” Other than me, he thought. Maybe he thought it so hard that she could hear it, who knows.

A threat is a threat, but Maria doesn’t hand them out freely or without thought. It’s well-measured and fair ( in her opinion ), given the circumstances. It’s most CERTAINLY not the worst she can do.

“No. Agent Simmons can observe the physical exam, but she will not be present– nor will her opinion count toward the final decision. She’s not a medical doctor.”

There’s a beat, Maria rolls her lips between her teeth.

“You might not willingly hurt anyone, but sometimes we don’t always know how our menial actions might affect others, especially if you’re under duress.”


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