“Hey. Go for it.” She ducks her head, shrugging almost with embarrassment. “Probably smarter that way. Safer.”


         All the fire and steel she’d had in her blood the day she walked into SHIELD demanding to see Tony is nowhere to be found now. The last time she saw Maria, she’d felt proud of herself, proud of what she was doing. She felt deserving of the other woman’s respect.

        Today she just feels foolish.

       Gaze still lowered, she nods, swallowing hard.

     “If they fail then we’re all fucked and you and your goons will have your hands full.”

      She’d have to be stupid not to get the DIG aimed in her direction. Maria laughs, but it’s short-lived.


      Fuck- she doesn’t have to explain herself to Darcy Lewis. Come back at her with a lifetime of experience in tactical strategy and handling worldwide shitshows on the daily and then maybe she’ll accept whatever JUDGMENT Lewis is dishing out that day.

                   “Call it what you’d like, but I don’t know of ANYONE who’s ever complained about having a safety net.”

      “Have a good day, Ms. Lewis. It’s probably about time for Stark’s midday nap– hopefully you won’t have to fish him out of a planter this time.”


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