I don’t- no.     That’s fine.    Thanks, though. 

[ the directions are easy enough to follow; it feels more like his blood pressure than his pulse, the agitation and unease anxiety fading into something more sinister and under-belly. ] 

       Actually,  yeah.  Just – to see where she is.   Not for any specific reason.  Work-related.

[ a passable cover, in case she asks; it already feels like a silly request, but he can’t deny the way it distracts him from his current concerns ]

          Very well, sir.
               Let me know if you require any further assistance; I will keep with you.

[ the intelligence does not push the matter, and as it turns out, he does not need too. It is only shortly after declining his offer that Banner experiences a change of mind and withdraws his previous decision. JARVIS thinks little of it and is quite happy to oblige. ]

                Attempting to contact Director Hill now.

                                [  .      .      .  ]

     [ Don’t tell anyone- she’s slipped away to her room to catch up on emails. Fitz and Simmons are still on the floor, no one needs to speak to her directly unless they’re hoping to schmooze and she’s really not about that right now. When her phone buzzes on the desktop, she squints at it for a beat before tapping at the screen to answer the call. ]

                               This is Director Hill.

        [ This better not be some sort of roundabout appearance request from Stark– ]


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