The Wolves || Bucky & Maria


     “Probably’ll pay him to keep his goddamn mouth shut….” 

His voice trails off, deadened by a clawing at some hollow space in the back of his mind, trying to get out. He’s missing something here, he thinks – one of those aggravating moments where it’s clear to him that the mind gem’s repairs hadn’t come without their flaws, that it gave him his memories but hadn’t quite fixed his means of remembering. Confusion slowly carving its mark across Bucky’s face, he gradually inclines his head in Maria’s direction, eyes still locked on the display in front of them.


          “That’s not really our MO–”

She shifts, squints at him. There’s something in the pinch to his expression, a subtle change in the fold of his brow. Maria inhales, draws her attention away from the screen and readjusts her arm until it rests gently against her torso. Something’s wrong, or it’s about to be. Call it her super sense- it was tingling. But it’s not exactly like she can backpedal ( so ‘I dunno’ isn’t really on the table anymore– plus, since when would he ever believe her to NOT know something? ).


                   “–Alexander Pierce. Currently sits on the World Security Council. He’s taken a special interest in… this guy.”


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